Philly Sports Talk: Sixers draft

I would like to see the Sixers draft Shabazz Muhammad a small forward out of UCLA. His game can allow him to play shooting guard in the NBA but he will find himself at the small forward spot most of the time. As a freshman at UCLA Shabazz Muhammad averaged 17.9 points per game, 5.2 rebounds, and .8 assists in his only year of college. He stands at 6’6″ and 222 lbs. Pros: He attacks the basket, off ball movement, leaking out on the fast break, offensive rebounding, and standstill shooting. Cons: He needs to work on his defensive technique, work on pick and roll offense as well as isolation, finishing, and he needs to work on shooting off the dribble. When all is said and done Muhammad has the potential to be like Houston Rockets all-star shooting guard James Harden.

As every Sixers fan and NBA fans are aware, the Andrew Bynum experiment blew right up in Philadelphia’s face. Bynum never even saw the floor in what was figured to be a playoff birth followed by a deep run. Now with new general manager Sam Hinkie the Sixers aren’t expected to resign Andrew Bynum, understandably, so they will need another center to replace him. Also they need to address a glaring weakness last year at the back up point guard role. They need someone who can run the show when Jrue Holiday needs a breather or to put Holiday at the 2 (shooting guard.) The last thing they may look to address is the shooting guard. After the departure of Lou Williams the Sixers haven’t had a consistent go to scorer off the bench.

If the Sixers do end up taking Muhammad when they pick at 11 then that leaves holes at the point guard and center position for depth. One player I’d like to see them sign at the center position would be J.J. Hickson. Hickson is a big man who is both mobile and strong. He provides enrgy to the lineup and hustles. Hickson averaged 12.7 points and 10.4 rebounds a game, playing in 80 games durring the ’12-’13 season for the Portland Trailblazers. Hickson made $4 million last year and his asking price is figured to be somewhere between 5-8 million.

If they address the need at center with Hickson then they will still need a backup point guard and a scorer off the bench. Some possible targets include; Randy Foye, O.J. Mayo, Nate Robinson, D.J. Augustine, and Will Bynum. Everybody knows about Nate Robinson and O.J. Mayo. Both guys have proven their ability to score. However if the Sixers do sign Hickson they will not also be able to sign both Robinson and Mayo. I am going to go with Mayo, the former 3rd pick in the’08 draft. Mayo averaged last season 15.3 points, 4.4 assists, and 3.5 rebounds over the course of 82 games. He has proven to be a healthy player over his 5 year career.

The last position of need is backing up Jrue Holiday. As mentioned above they can’t sign Robinson if they sign Mayo. So this leaves us with Will Bynum and D.J. Augustine. Bynum is a big physical pg who can shoot. Augustine is a smaller quicker guard who too can shoot. For me I’ll take whoever comes cheaper of the two, but I have a feeling that given the option the Sixers would pick Bynum because he matches up with Holiday. Bynum’s stats last year were 9.8 points and 3.6 assists as a backup for the Detroit Pistons.

All in all the Sixers have a bevvy of options and ways they could go. They still don’t have a coach hired and there were conflicting reports saying that CEO and part owner Adam Aaron was fired. The Sixers situation right now is a mess and hopefully new GM Sam Hinkie can fix it starting Thursday night with the draft.


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