Rookie FA Sheppard Turning Heads at Camp


Russell Shepard is a surprise so far this camp

Russell Shepard was a 5* recruit coming out of high school. He fielded offers from the likes of Alabama, Florida Texas etc. His talent was undeniable. He chose LSU because that is where he had the best chance to play quarterback which no other team was willing to let him do. While at LSU he didn’t earn a chance to play quarterback and as a result he found himself playing either running back or wide receiver. He had 570 receiving yards, 5 TD’s and added 716 rushing yards, 5 TD’s over his college career.

This is interesting because Sheppard was a highly talented player and for some reason he didn’t see the field all that much. He has the size standing at 6’1″ and roughly 190 lbs. He has been clocked at a 40 time of 4.45 which is similar to that of Jeremy Maclin’s 40 time.

On draft day Sheppard watched 254 other names get called before him and he took notice of that.  He said ” That was a thing that made me stronger, that made me a better individual and a better person and more determined.” He also added “I’m just trying to make the team, I’m just an individual who’s green to the league, and I feel like I’ve gained the confidence of my teammates and coaching staff, and just trying to show them that I can be a part of this team, whether it’s on special teams or catching balls or blocking.”

Not being drafted is thought to be because he didn’t have a true position while in college and scouts probably couldn’t get a good feel for where he fits in on offense. Whatever the case may be hopefully the Eagles have found a player that can be a huge asset to this team and help fill the void at wide receiver due to Jeremy Maclin’s injury.

Shepard is definitely a player to watch from here on out.

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