Could Eagles Make Playoffs? | How They Stack Up In Their Division

ImageRaise your hand if you think the Eagles will make the playoffs this up-coming season. Ok, no hands.

Now I’m not writing this because of how they did against the Panthers. Most people have the Eagles slated at six wins this year give or take two depending on their optimism or lack thereof. The two ways in which the Eagles could get into the playoffs are by either winning the division or by a wild card spot.

Let’s break down the division first.

Cowboys: The Cowboys for the past couple of years have been a team who haven’t been able to crack the code and have ended up falling short of the playoffs or being ousted early. In my opinion they do have a good quarterback in Tony Romo. Romo does have the necessary weapons and more to lead the Cowboys with Bryant, Austin, Witten, and Murray. However the o-line is a huge question mark.  The defense will be transitioning to the Tampa-2 which has a 4-3 base. By all accounts they should be able to make the switch except they lack depth at DT and they too have had their fair share of problems at the safety position. With that being said their starting running back has issues with staying on the field due to injuries and lets not forget the Cowboys for some reason under Tony Romo have failed to meet expectations the past couple of years. So should we be all that shocked if they were a disappointment again? To me they are the favorites to win the East. I predict nine wins for the Cowboys with 11 being the most.

Giants: The G-men have a good offense too when healthy. Led by Eli Manning they also have good offensive fire power. They have Cruz, Nicks (can’t stay healthy) at the WR spots and they just brought in a decent TE in Myers. Their running back is David Wilson who is a second year pro with blazing speed but it remains to be seen if he can carry the work load with Bradshaw now gone. They hope to have bolstered the o-line with drafting tackle Justin Pugh. On defense they have a front four that used to be envied around the league but with the lose of Osi and Canty and now a bad back for Paul they are a little less feared but they did add to it by drafting Hankins and Moore while signing Cullen Jenkins. Linebackers are a mystery for them and they find the secondary to be plagued with injuries quite often. If the Giants don’t start well I wouldn’t write them off because they always seem to make that late season run in the last six games. I predict seven wins for the G-men with nine being the most.

Redskins: RGIII, RGIII, RGIII, and some more RGIII. When can we stop talking about this guy? The Redskins surpassed last years expectations due in large part to RGIII and the read option. But this year defenses will be better prepared, or at least you’d think, to defend against the read option attack plus they probably are going to limit the hits RGIII gets with his recent ALC tear. Does RGIII have enough of a supporting cast around him if the read option is not there? At RB they have Alfred Morris who had about 50% of his yards from a read option play. At WR Garcon, Morgan and Moss, at his current age, are all decent but not un-containable. TE Fred Davis is a solid player and could be a top TE but he is inconsistent at times. The front seven on defense, led by MLB and future Hall of Famer London Fletcher, is solid. They have Kerrigan and Orakpo on the outside wreaking havoc. At corner they have two good players in Hall and Wilson but lack depth behind them although they just drafted David Amerson to help with that. Much like every team in this division they too have problems at safety. They are projected to start rookie Baccari Rambo and veteran Brandon Meriweather. Meriweather plays well but at times has laps in judgement. He is also bit by the injury bug quit a bit. I predict the Reedskins to win six games with eight being the most.

Eagles: The Eagles will have a healthy offensive line to start the season which will automatically boost the teams production in and of itself. They have a top RB in the league in LeSean “Shady” McCoy with Bryce Brown to spell him. Wide receivers took a hit when Maclin went down with an ACL tear but they do have Jackson, ole’ faithful Jason Avant, Celek, Casey, rookie Zach Ertz, and Riley Cooper taking place of Maclin. I may be in the minority, but the Eagles have a good front seven. Maybe not on paper now but as the season progresses I think they will show it switching to a hybrid 3-4. The secondary is the achilles heel of this defense. They brought in Fletcher, Williams and Chung who actually make this team better than last years. They won’t be lock down by any stretch of the imagination but they at least will be around the receiver when he catches the ball for the most part. I think it is safe to say that the combination of Coleman and Allen were one of the worst safety tandems in the league last year. Hopefully the addition of Chung changes that. The defense just needs to be a bend but don’t break with this offense. At quarterback they have Vick who fits this offense better than Foles because he is more dynamic but he can’t make it through a full season without getting hurt. Also Foles is more than capable of running this offense, just a bit differently though. I predict seven wins for the Eagles with nine being the most.

Just so you know every year a team who finished last in their division the previous year, the next season they end up winning the division. Also at least two new teams will be in the playoffs. Also, for predicting the records of each team I used a give or take two method.


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