Eagles Players Projected Season Stats

ImageMichael Vick looks better in this offense under Chip Kelly so far this preseason. He looks like he did when he resurrected his career in 2010. If it’s the fact that he has a healthy offensive line, understands the playbook better and it is tailored to his abilities  or whatever it may be.

Assuming Vick plays at least 14 games this year from start to finish. He could have a pro bowl year.

2013 Projections: 3650 yards, 28 Ptd’s, 6 Rtd’s, 378 rushing yards, and 12 INT’s.

LeSean McCoy had his break out year in 2011 when he scored 20 TD’s and had 1,309 rushing yards and added 315 receiving yards. In this new offense there is supposed to be a lot of room for Shady to run and combine that with a very good offensive line he is due for a big year.

2013 Projections: 1684 rushing yards, 15 rushing TD’s, 378 receiving yards, 4 TD catches.

DeSean Jackson has declined over the past two years while missing 5 games last year due to injury. Jackson is still that very explosive WR and has come into this season more focused and determined than ever. His career average for yards per reception is 17.5. In his two best years he averaged 18.6 and 22. 5. In Kelly’ system Jackson is figured to see shorter passes but still getting deep balls. The Eagles are also without Jeremy Maclin opposite so they will rely on Jackson more.

2013 Projections: 74 receptions, 1196 receiving yards, and 9 touchdowns.

The Defensive Line is looking good so far for the Eagles and have a lot of potential. They may start a little slow but expect them to start being a force. You have Cox, Thorton, Logan, and Curry who are all good pass rushers. Now they wont get as many sacks as either of the OLB’s but they will be a force. They are also all athletic so they can shoot the gaps and create disruption in the backfield.

2013 Projections: 15.5 sacks, 22 tackles for loss, and 4 forced fumbles.

Linebackers should be okay going into the season because they have 3 guys starting who all have experience playing the 3-4 and are solid players. The one question mark is the ROLB where Trent Cole and Brandon Graham figure to see most of their time but they should be rushing the passer more than they drop back into coverage.

2013 Projections: 21 sacks, 5 INT’s, 6 forced fumbles, and 42 tackles for loss.

Secondary issues need to be fixed. Hopefully they can improve as the season goes on nonetheless it will be an upgrade over last years bunch. If they can continue to play like they have in the first two preseason games then good thing will happen from it in regards to the corners. Patrick Chung will be okay at safety but it’s who is beside him at the other safety spot that is unknown.

2013 Projections: 11 interceptions, and 1 forced fumble.


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