Sam the Man

Sam Hinkie has changed the atmosphere surrounding the 76ers.

It’s no secret the Sixers might be a bad team next year as they try their best to acquire Andrew Wiggins in next year’s draft. Regardless, the way Sam Hinkie is handling this approach should have Sixers’ fans excited about the future of the team. Hinkie is gathering young prospects that at this point in their career won’t have much impact on the upcoming season. They could, however, be valuable pieces when constructing the future of this puzzling NBA team, otherwise known as the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers.

There’s been an abundance of young talent that has been filtered into the organization since Sam Hinkie arrived. There has also been one key loss. Trading Jrue Holiday hurts, but the fact of the matter is that it looked as if “the Jruth” could only lead us so far. Had the trade not happened, this decade-long funk of missing the playoffs or squeaking in while gathering middle first round draft picks with no star potential would most likely be prolonged even further.

Hinkie played his cards beautifully. If there was any year to trade your best player and tank for the chance at drafting a franchise changing player, this is the year. Even if Andrew Wiggins isn’t available when it’s the Sixers’ turn to draft, there are some excellent consolation prizes in Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon and Marcus Smart.

So we lost Jrue, but there’s all that young talent that Hinkie has been collecting. He drafted promising players in lottery picks Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter Williams. Noels and Carter Williams are thought of as potential corner stones of the future, but he also saw potential in Arsalan Kazemi, the undersized power forward from Oregon. If Kazemi can get accustomed to playing small forward on a regular basis, he has a chance to be successful in the NBA despite being a second round pick. He played small forward for his national team and could always go to Europe to get consistent playing time at the three.

James Anderson and Tim Ohlbrecht also joined the team… Though Ohlbrecht has some size and was a D-League all star last year, he doesn’t have much playing experience in the NBA. Anderson appears to be another journeyman that hasn’t done too much in his NBA career. It’s Hinkie’s other moves that have been the interesting ones.

Tim Ohlbrecht

Along the way Sam somehow acquired Royce White and an intriguing Turkish power forward named Furkan Aldemir from the Rockets for a bag of chips and some skittles. Actually, it might have been future considerations. Alas, he gathers another prospect with good upside in Royce. White came at a cheap price because he has some baggage, specifically he has a fear of flying. Ultimately the organization can try different methods to try and calm his anxiety during flights. Crush up a few xanax or klonopin in his mashed potatos, problem solved. In the meantime, it’s believed that while White was a nice pickup, Aldemir is the player Sam coveted. Furkan is a prospect that will most likely develop his game overseas till he’s ready to join the team.

Furkan Aldemir

Lastly Hinkie parted with a future second round draft pick for combo guard Tony Wroten of the Memphis Grizzlies. This has the potential to be another excellent move on Hinkie’s part. Wroten’s problem, like a lot of the other Sixers guards on the roster, is that he can’t shoot. This transaction might have generated some excellent competition between Michael Carter Williams and Tony Wroten — two oversized point guards with questionable jump shots that could battle each other to be a part of the Sixers future. It could force each player to work at the one weakness in their game. An improved jump shot could make either guard a more well-rounded player and a better equipped floor general.

Tony Wroten

So there we have it. As far as young talent goes, Jrue Holiday is out, but Noel, Carter-Williams, White, Aldemir, Kazemi, Ohlbercht and Anderson are in. Add two potential lottery picks next year and things could be looking up for the Sixers before you know it. Sam Hinkie seems to be orchestrating a thoroughly thought-out plan to at the very least take the Sixers out of this mediocre decade of purgatory that we have been experiencing. At the very least Sam the Man should be congratulated for that.



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