Players The Eagles Should Consider Claiming Off Waivers



Now that every team has made their roster cuts to make the 53 man roster limit there are always some players that could be sleeper waiver pick-ups. The Eagles are 4th in the pecking order this year and everybody knows that they could certainly use some players on this team, more so on the defensive side of the ball. Here are some players I think the Eagles should consider. Note that the Eagles are more than likely going to look towards youth, potential, and versatility when evaluating a player.

The first player is a player who played at Alabama last year as a safety. Robert Lester was a part of that record-setting defense at Alabama. He has the size at 6’2″ and 220 lbs. Lester is a tough player who at least could contribute on special teams. He would be an upgrade over Kurt Coleman, wouldn’t he? Maybe not right away but he definitely has a higher ceiling than Coleman. Here is his pre draft scouting report via : , and here is some highlights of Lester while at Alabama in 2012.


The NY Giants made an interesting cut when they let go DT, Marvin Austin. Austin could help the Eagles out on the defensive line where they already have what looks to be some solid players in Cox, Logan, Curry, and others. Austin wouldn’t be needed to produce right away or a lot. He would most likely be a rotational/spell guy. Coming out of UNC Austin was a very good player with first round potential but he lacked motivation and would take plays off. Maybe a group of other young players, a new team, and very good d-line coach, who coached at Alabama, will catch Austin’s attention. Here is his scouting report via SBNation, .

This next player you guys should like. Chase Thomas who played at Stanford against Kelly’s Ducks. I would assume Kelly knows plenty about Thomas as both teams play in the Pac 12. He has okay size at 6’3″ 240+ lbs. Thomas is a hustle player who Philly fans like to see but not just that, He is a smart player too. More than that, He plays with very good instincts which is always a plus. It’s funny seeing who he was compared to coming out of college because that player is non other than current Eagles OLB Connor Barwin.  Here is his scouting report via, . Also here are his highlights:


Alameda Ta’amu is a true nose tackle. He’s got that sack of potatoes in his seat that you like to see in 3-4 nose tackle, weighing 340+ lbs. He fills his gaps and has tremendous strength. Gap responsibly has been an issue thus far through the preseason for the Eagles, but should improve as the season progresses, and Ta’amu should help with that as well as provide depth at NT. Coming out of Washington Ta’amu was a top defensive line player so he obviously has something to give.

Of the players I’ve listed there are three that I would really like to see the Eagles sign. Thomas, Ta’amu, and Lester. I think all three could help this team this year and potentially even more.


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I am a die hard sports fan. Philly all day every day! I have always had a huge passion for sports and sharing my opinion surrounding our teams.


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