Eagles Win! 33-27 Over The Redskins | Recap

Kendricks delivers big hit to RGIII (washingtonpost.com)

Kendricks delivers big hit to RGIII (washingtonpost.com)

Well, where to start…

Okay so the game started off really well for the Eagles as Vick lead the team, at will, all the way down the field inside the 5 yard line. Then came the play all Philly fans feared and that haunted them in the past. A pass by Vick that was intended to go to McCoy out in the flats was swatted down and ruled a fumble. The Eagles players thought it was an incomplete pass but it wasn’t and DeAngelo Hall picked the ball up and ran it 75 yards for a touchdown. It was a microcosm of the Eagles past couple of seasons and it looked like it hadn’t ended for Eagles fans.

That wasn’t the case tonight. The Eagles answered with a FG to make the score 7-3. On the Redskins ensuing possession the Eagles forced a fumble to get the ball back. Off of play action Vick found DeSean Jackson in the back of the end-zone for a 25 yard touchdown pass. On the Redskins next series RGIII threw an interception over the middle to Brandon Boykin but the Eagles ended up punting and downing the Redskins inside the 2.  They tried to run a pitch to the right but Morris could not handle the ball and as a result fumbled it in the end-zone for a safety. If you are following the score is now 12-7 in favor of the Eagles. With 6+ minutes left in the second quarter Vick found Celek down the seem for a 28 yard touchdown. Forcing a 3-and-out the Eagles were able to get the ball back with some time left on the clock. On the 3 yard line Vick ran it in for the touchdown for a 26-7 lead at half time.

To start the second half Carey Williams picked off RGIII’s pass intended for Garcon on the left sideline. This gave the Eagles another short feild to work with and McCoy took advantage of it. McCoy ran up the middle, made some cuts, broke some ankles and danced his way for a touchdown.

From this point on it seemed as if Chip was trying to run clock and got a little conservative. They did not score for the rest of the game. At the end of the 3rd the Redskins scored their first offensive touchdown to make the score 33-14 going into the 4th quarter. The Redskins were able to make a late push at the end of the game but they did not recover the onside kick so the Eagles just kneeled the ball out.

You can compare the first half with the end of game stats and see a noticeable difference in yardage.

Eagles first half stats vs Redskins

Eagles first half stats vs Redskins

Then look at the final stats.

Eagles final team stats vs Redskins

Eagles final team stats vs Redskins

Now lets get into the stuff to take away from the game that isn’t necessarily reflected by the box score.

This new scheme that was to be debuted by Chip Kelly was what fans had hoped and believed it would be. It lived up to the fast pace hype and more. However there were some kinks in the execution. Most notably in the offensive lines protection. This is something that can be fixed with film study and repetition and I wouldn’t worry much about them. Other than that if this line stays healthy then McCoy should see plenty more games with these stats and Vick should play 14+ games (18 is the ultimate goal!)

Vick needs to learn to throw the ball away and how to slide but at this point it has to be considered a lost cause and the Eagles will have to deal with it to their dismay.

For the first 3 quarters the no one could have expected the defensive performance that the Eagles gave. they held Alfred Morris to just 45 yards on 12 carries and one touchdown. They got good penetration and were able to stretch plays out to the sideline. It didn’t stop there. The Eagles struggled last year to force turnovers and they were able to get 3 this game also adding a safety. Most of the Redskins passing stats came in the 4th quarter when the Eagles were just trying not to let the big play happen and hold the lead. Boykin and Williams had interceptions and Chung could have had one late in the 4th if he had positioned himself correctly on a touchdown pass to Leonard Hankerson.  Williams, Cole, and Ryans all got to RGIII for sacks and don’t forget the bone crushing body slam Kendricks had on him too. Kendricks had an outstanding game flying around and making plays.

Here are the players defensive stats for the game (unofficial.)

Eagles players defensive stats vs Redskins

Eagles players defensive stats vs Redskins

As mentioned before, LeSean McCoy had a big day on the ground. McCoy had 184 rushing yards on 31 carries with one touchdown and he had over 20 carries in the first half alone. DeSean Jackson showed up big time reeling in 7 catches for 104 yards and a touchdown.

Here are the rest of the players stats.

Eagles players stats vs Redskins

Eagles players stats vs Redskins

Other than the incomplete pass that was ruled a fumble, the Eagles had just one turn over. Although the goal is to have no turn overs during a game. Jason Avant was caught fighting for extra yards and had the ball jarred lose causing a momentum shift in favor of the Redskins.

Up next: San Diego Chargers

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