Cleary Skips Flyers Camp and Returns to Detroit

Dan Cleary's short time as a Flyer is over before it even began.

Dan Cleary’s short time as a Flyer is over before it even began.

In the NHL’s world of guaranteed contracts it’s not often that you see a player leave a team as a free agent, sign somewhere else, become a no-show, and then re-sign with his original club.  But that appears to be the course of action taken by Red Wings forward Dan Cleary.  It’s now painfully obvious that Cleary used the Flyers offer as leverage and never had any intention of actually coming to Philadelphia.  We were duped, used, and hornswoggled.  The worst part about this whole debacle is that Cleary never even informed GM Paul Holmgren that he wouldn’t be showing up to camp today.  We all get that professional sports is a business, but this was a prime example of bad business by Cleary and his agent.

Just a few minutes ago it was confirmed that Cleary has indeed signed a new 1-year $1.75 million deal to stay in Detroit.  So the Flyers 3rd line winger job remains vacant.  Does this open the door for Simon Gagne’s return?  Or is rookie Scott Laughton now the front-runner?  On a day when the Flyers were supposed to have some answers, it appears that Cleary’s decision has instead created more questions.




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