Eagles Lose In Reid’s Return to Philly | 26-16 | Quick Recap

Sloppy, sloppy, and some more sloppy with a side of sloppy. That’s how this game was played.

The Chiefs started the game on a big return into Philly territory but the defense was able to force a punt however on the intended fair catch Damaris Johnson muffed the punt putting the Chiefs in prime scoring position. The defense was up to the challenge and came up with another stop limiting Kansas City to a field goal.

On the Eagle first drive Mike Vick threw a pass that was deflected off of Derrick Johnson’s hands and safety Eric Berry picked it for a touch down.

Just a short while later Vick is able to find Jason Avant in the end-zone for a touchdown that was set up by a 61 yard run by Vick himself.  After that it was pretty much a back and forth game with KC adding a couple of field goals before the half.

The second half was much of the same and the Eagles offense never got going. Jamal Charles got the Chiefs their first offensive TD of the game 2 minutes into the start of quarter 3. McCoy would respond 2 minutes later with a 41 yard run for a TD. McCoy is the only running back in NFL history to have 5 rushing touchdowns of 40 or more yards in the fourth quarter.

The big thing was the 4 turnovers early in this game the Eagles could not over come. Tonight they were their own worst enemy. The tandem of Hali and Houston off of the edge on passing plays created havoc for Vick all game. Houston had 3.5 sacks and Hali had 1 but was giving Peters problems. It looks as if some players still don’t have a full grasp of the playbook. You could also see for the first time this season how much losing Maclin will impact this offense as Cooper was shut down by Sean Smith.

You have to give the Kansas City defense credit here because they are a good bunch.

A scary moment before the half was when McCoy went down and was writhing on the ground grasping his leg. He obviously was able to return to the game later after getting some x-rays.

For the first 4 quarters this defense was able to contain the Chiefs but were damned bad starting position due to the turnovers. They amassed 5 sacks but were unable to make a key stop on some 3rd and longs in which they were burned by Donnie Avery who had a career day. Avery finished with 7 catches for 141 yards. He was the guy I said coming into the game that we should look out for.

Box score for the Eagles as a team and individual stats-


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