Random Eagles Thoughts

Vinny Curry:

I said it before the game against the Chiefs and I’ll say it again, play Vinny Curry. The guy proved during the pre-season that he has the ability to rush the quarterback on pass plays. He injects energy when he is on the field plus they can use him to spell Thorton or Cox on passing downs. In Thursdays game he recorded one sack and a quarterback hit. This kid needs to be a part of a rotation and there is no reason for him not to be considering the defense is playing up to 40 minutes a game.

Brandon Graham:

Graham is another player who isn’t seeing the field as much as he probably should. The coaches might not feel comfortable with him in coverage or against the run but just like Curry’s situation they should use Graham to spell Cole or Barwin on passing downs. With limited snaps Thursday Brandon Graham still had one sack.

Defense Needs to Rotate:

Since the Eagles defense is going to be on the field for what is likely to be 35 plus minutes a game then the Eagles need to figure out a way to better rotate their players. I’ve already mentioned the likes of Curry and Graham but what about Knott, Logan, and Geathers?

They don’t have to play a lot of snaps but some of the starters like Ryans, Barwin, Cole and the D line need a breather sometimes. I’m not saying put all of them in at once but insert them into the game here and there. Just find a way.

I also realize they don’t necessarily have the talent right now as backups that are talented enough so I think this theory is more fitted towards next years team.

WR Help?

Now this is a bit of stretch but what about bringing in WR Austin Collie or finding some WR help via trade? We all saw against the Chiefs the negative impact of not having Maclin opposite of Jackson. Riley Cooper is a big target but he is more suited right now, until he proves otherwise, as a red-zone threat. Collie isn’t a fast receiver but when he was in Indianapolis he did pretty well although he did have Peyton Manning at quarterback to throw him the ball. Even if a another team does decide to put a solid WR on the market I wouldn’t expect the Eagles to make a move. The Eagles are most likely going to stick with what they have right now.

About Kickinit215

I am a die hard sports fan. Philly all day every day! I have always had a huge passion for sports and sharing my opinion surrounding our teams.


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