Should Eagles Go After Josh Gordon?


Talented Browns receiver Josh Gordon is reportedly on the trade block. (photo AP)

Days after the Cleveland Browns shocked the NFL world by trading away former third overall pick, Trent Richardson, in the 2012 draft to the Indianapolis Colts. Reports are surfacing that the Browns are looking to rid of WR Josh Gordon. Gordon was drafted in the second round of the supplemental draft by the Browns because he is that talented. Standing at 6’3″ and 225 pounds, Gordon has the height and speed to be a very good WR in the NFL. His development is slowed do to the current quarterback situation in Cleveland and his lack of competitive college experience. Apparently the Browns want to rid of Gordon for two reasons. Reason one being that they think they can get a 2nd round pick in return for him and reason two being that coaches and management do not like his attitude. He finished last season with 50 catches, 805 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns.

Adam Schefter and Adam Caplan reported this earlier today- JoshGordonJoshGordon2

With that being said let’s look at the pro’s and con’s of acquiring Josh Gordon.

Financially the Eagles are in a pretty stable position right now. Gordon doesn’t have a huge tag because he is still in his rookie deal worth 4 years 5.3 million dollars, signed on July 16 2012. So he would have two more years after this season under team control.

His on field impact would be enormous compared to what the Eagles are currently getting out of Riley Cooper. Gordon is the same size but is stronger and faster than Cooper and he can create separation against the corner which Cooper hasn’t shown the ability to do.

Thursdays game against the Chiefs showed Eagles fans how much of an impact not having Maclin will have on this offense. As I just stated above, Cooper isn’t anything more than just a red-zone target right now until he proves otherwise. Since Maclin has an ACL tear and is out for the season the Eagles do not know if he will be able to fully recover and if they will resign him. This was Maclin’s contract year so if they do bring him back at what price will it be?

It is said that the asking price for Gordon will be a 2nd round pick. For the Eagles this is a tougher deal to make because they can’t afford to lose picks with how many holes they need to fill on defense. The Eagles need these picks to sure up every secondary position, nose tackle, and quite possibly (probably) the quarterback spot.

Does the risk out weigh the reward here? Some would say yes and other will say no but one thing is for sure, this Kid has potential to be very good and the Eagles could use him this year.


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2 thoughts on “Should Eagles Go After Josh Gordon?

  1. AJ says:

    No way for a 2nd. Maybe a 4 & a 5. I would love to see Ertz out wide taking snaps from Bill O Riley Cooper


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