Clobbered | Eagles lose 52-20 to Manning and Broncos…

Well there isn’t much to say so I’ll keep it short and sweet. The Broncos flat out outplayed the Eagles today as the Birds simply didn’t come to play. You would think that given 12 days of preparation they would give a better showing but that unfortunately was not the case. The only slack you can give the Eagles today is that it was Peyton Manning they were facing. With a score like that it is safe for you to assume that Peyton carved up the secondary and in the second half the Eagles had not chance.

Like we said last week, it is quit evident that the Eagles are missing Jeremy Maclin opposite DeSean Jackson. For me they are just going to have to grind it out because it’s not worth it right now to make a trade with as many holes they currently have on defense that will need to be filled.

In the game preview I mentioned that the two key thing the Eagles would have to do in order to keep a close game or to win. They didn’t have any turnovers but they didn’t win the individual battles as thy committed 8 penalties as a team.  They also didn’t get that lead I had mentioned to put pressure on the Broncos. The inability to execute for the second week in a row hurt the Eagles again. Dropped passes, missed blocks, penalties, missed reads, etc all have haunted them again.

Even though the Eagles put up 450 yards of total offense they only managed 20 points with 7 of those coming in garbage time with the game well out of reach. Another positive is that they were able to run against statistically the best run defense in the league which they need to rely more on from here on out.

Another positive from this game is that they are still only one game back in the division for first place with Dallas losing to San Diego.

Box Score:


Up next the Eagles play the defeated Giants in a divisional showdown.


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