Eagles Win 36-21 Over The Giants


Celek catches a TD off a play action that gave the Eagles the lead late. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Well they did what they were supposed to do and that was win. As of right now the Eagles are tied for first in the NFC East with the Cowboys who are currently playing the Denver Broncos. This win also drops the NY Giants to 0-5 on the season. No team has started off 0-5 and made the playoffs. It is becoming more and more evident as each week passes that the division title will come from within- whoever has the best divisional record.

The game started off with a stalled opening series for the Eagles followed up by a TD drive by the Giants and it looked like it was going to be a long day. The Eagles scored 19 straight unanswered points to give them a 19-7 lead at the half. However, right before the half was over, Vick pulled up lame at the end of a first down run. As of right now all that is know is that Vick has some sort of hamstring strain. He was not able to finish the game thus enters backup Nick Foles.

The second half started off shaky too as the Giants scored to make it a 19-14 game. The Giants were able to make it as close as 21-19 with the lead. After that it was all Eagles from there adding two TD’s and a FG.

The defense was able to force 3 INT’s out of Eli Manning plus they were able to recover a fumble by Brandon Jacobs. For the most part the defense played well but they still need a lot of work. They were very shaky on deep balls and were burned a handful of times on quick slants. They were also bailed out on a very poor performance by Eli Manning who was off target the whole second half. Maybe the Eagles made adjustments later and were able to confuse him and forced him into difficult situations. Vinny Curry of course made his presence felt and on one play he forced Eli to step up into the pocket where Bennie Logan was able to sack himWe will see next week if the defense has turned a corner.

On offense McCoy and the running game virtually disappeared after Vick left the game with the hamstring injury. DeSean Jackson had a big game after having down games in his previous two starts and TE’s Zach Ertz and Brent Celek both made impacts in the game after most fans have been wondering where this TE threat has gone. Lane Johnson left the game due to apparent injury but returned shortly afterwords.

Box Score:





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