Early Look For Eagles At QB Next Year Via Draft


Okay so I know it’s early and the Eagles are coming off of a win against their division rival the NY Giants but with all the controversy, the bickering and back and forth between Eagles fans on who should be starting at QB, between Nick Foles or Michael Vick. I came across an idea I’ve had before and I am starting to like it the more and more I think about it.

When I look at the consensus top 5-7 quarterbacks that are projected to be available in next years draft, 2014, I am not enamored by them. Sure they could all theoretically work in the system that coach Chip Kelly wants to ultimately be able to run but something is missing with those quarterbacks.

The two quarterbacks I am liking the most to be potential sleeper picks for the Eagles later in the draft are Logan Thomas of Virgina Tech and James Franklin of Missouri. You may of heard of Logan Thomas a bit last year as he was on Todd McShay’s early list of top quarterbacks for the following years draft, 2014. However with the emergence of  Bridgewater, Boyd, Manziel, Mariota, Hundley, and a couple of others that are figured to go before, the Eagles may be able to focus on other dire needs during the early rounds of the draft.

logan_thomasAs of right now, although it is still early, Thomas is projected to land in rounds 3-5 and Franklin in rounds 4-6. Thomas has fallen off a bit since his breakout campaign as a sophomore. In his sophomore season he had 59.8 completion percentage, 3013 passing yards, and a 19-to-10 TD-to-INT ratio. That was in his sophomore year though and his first time as a starter. His 2012 season he regressed but his rare combination of his frame, 6’5″ 5/8 and 256 lbs, plus his speed should draw comparisons to the likes of Cam Newton. He is rumored to run between a 4.5 and 4.6-40 and he has a huge cannon for an arm. His biggest question mark headed into this season was his accuracy Thomas spent the off-season to spend time to work on this with quarterback’s coach George Whitefield. Whitefield has work with quarterbacks Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, Chad Henne and some others. Thomas also hasn’t had the best supporting cast around him while at VT especially this year and last with a ton of dropped passes and lack of talent. The potential is through the roof with this kid and the Eagles should take a long hard look at him.



jamesfranklinJames Franklin is the other guy that I would hope the Eagles take a look at. Franklin also started since his sophomore season. He had an incredible sophomore year with a 63.3 completion percentage, 2,865 passing yards, a 21-to-11 TD-INT ratio, 981 rushing yards and 15 rushing TD’s. Franklin is off to a good start this season too (Click Here.)  While at Missouri Franklin has ran a spread offense that utilizes the read option.  He runs, unofficially, somewhere between a 4.6 and a 4.7-40. He isn’t as big as Thomas but he is 6’2″ 230 lbs. The question for Franklin is his accuracy but he seems to have strengthened that aspect of his game thus far this season. He has all the physical tools to get it done and has experience and not to mention is playing in the “SEC”.


If at all possible I would certainly rather the Eagles draft Kelly’s old quarterback at Oregon, Marcus Mariota, but if they have a possible better option at the top of the draft then I think these two players would be very good options to look at. Could the Eagles Trade Nick Foles before the draft? Sure. Could Foles also be the answer? Sure. Could Vick prove to the coaching staff that he still has two or more years left in him? Sure. It’s a long shot to happen. We just don’t know yet and there is a lot of season left yet to play but it isn’t too early to start looking at options, is it?

(Full 7 round Mock)


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