What Should Sixers Starting Lineup Be?



Michael Carter-Williams has been injured since the Sixers loss to the Spurs on Monday. Tony Wroten, who has played shooting guard for the most part this season off the bench, has played the point, and played well. On Wednesday, Wroten had a triple-double. He followed it up with 22 on Friday in Atlanta. Then on Saturday, Wroten went for 19 in a blowout loss to the Pelicans. The question is, however, whether Wroten or, current starting shooting guard James Anderson, should start when Carter-Williams returns on Wednesday(likely). Anderson went off for 36 points on Wednesday against Houston, including an epic game-tying three. Anderson followed that up by scoring 13 points combined in the following two games. In fact, if you total up Anderson’s points in the 10 games other than the Houston game, it comes out to 45 points. So Anderson scored almost as many points in that game as he did in the rest of the season combined. So, here are the pros of starting both:

James Anderson Pros:

More Experienced

Better Shooter

Seems more like a starter than Wroten

Has started all season

Less Firepower off the bench than Wroten

Wroten admits he likes coming off the bench

Anderson is more of a pure shooting guard

Can play small forward

Wroten’s Pros:

Wroten can do everything

Shooting has been much improved

Has played much better this year

Better rebounder

Better Defender

Anderson is unlikely to be part of Sixers future, Wroten could be

Has played significant minutes in every game this year

Fan Favorite Already

Has been consistent other than one game

With Wroten, you have three guys who can bring the ball up the court(MCW, Wroten, Turner)

Better stats than Anderson despite coming off the bench

Wroten’s Pros: 11 

Anderson’s: 7

Final Verdict: Wroten should start, but Anderson is still a good option



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