Sixers Waive Kwame Brown, Darius Morris, sign two guards.


The Sixers waived both Kwame Brown and Darius Morris Wednesday. Following the moves, the Sixers signed guards Elliot Williams, and Lorenzo Brown. The waiving of Brown wasn’t very surprising, but cutting Darius Morris was. Morris scored 20 points Saturday in 27 minutes. And considering neither Elliot Williams or Lorenzo Brown are point guards, it was a little surprising. Other than Michael Carter-Williams, Tony Wroten is the only other point guard on the roster, and he is more of a two-guard. Evan Turner can handle the ball well, but isn’t a point guard. This likely means that Wroten will become more of a point than two off the bench, especially considering both Brown and Williams are twos.

Kwame Brown, meanwhile, good riddance. I still have no idea what the heck the Sixers and Doug Collins were thinking giving him a two year deal. Kwame Brown was the worst player on the Sixers. Worse than Hollis Thompson. Worse than Brandon Davies. That’s hard to do. This could mark the end of Kwame Brown’s NBA career. The former number one pick just can’t play basketball. He has actually gotten worse as his career continued. Its still a possibility a team signs him to a short term deal, but don’t expect it. The signings of Williams and Brown also likely mean Hollis Thompson will fall out of the rotation.




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