Who Stays, Who Goes?


With the off-season officially under way for the Eagles they have some questions about the roster that will impact how they move in free agency and the draft. Let’s take a look at the teams biggest questions.

First off the one position everyone is watching is the wide receivers with Maclin and Cooper. Maclin as we all know is coming off an ACL tear early in training camp and Cooper just had a breakout season after being stuck in the fourth spot on the depth chart for all his career. Now Cooper is expected to receive interest from around the league and the Eagles are expected to let him explore his option and the same with Maclin, It’s my personal belief that Cooper benefited greatly from this system, as all the players did, and I don’t think he’d be as effective on another team. Bring back Cooper on a $9 million with a signing bonus of around $800 K. That would make a base salary of $1.45 million with a bonus that would make it worth up to $2.25 million per year. Now if another team were to go higher than that I would wiggle a bit but it wouldn’t be a huge loss. As for Maclin his deal would likely be an incentive based deal for one year. Maclin has already expressed his desire to return and has said it’s basically a done deal.

The other wide receiver to watch is Jason Avant. Avant is a great blocker and makes the difficult catches but he is older and slow plus not worth the money he is getting. If Avant wants to restructure a deal, which he may, then I’d expect the Eagles and Avant to part ways thus creating more money for Cooper or other needs.

You have to figure James Casey is as good as gone unless he too wants to take less money but that is highly unlikely because we heard him voice his displeasure with his playing time.

On defense the starters will likely remain the same except for safety and out side line backer. Nate Allen has the best chance of returning but if hes offered starters salary elsewhere then he most likely will hop on the next bus out of town. Allen did improve as the season went on but I don’t know if it will be enough to deter the Eagles from moving in another direction via free agency.

I would be surprised if both Trent Cole and DeMeco Ryans didn’t take pay cuts for the amount that they are due and the age they are at. Both will surly be back next year but perhaps in limited roles depending on the depth that is put around them.


Riley Cooper
Donnie Jones
Jeremy Maclin
Cedric Thorton


Jason Avant
James Casey
Michael Vick
Phillip Hunt (Camp invitation)
Kurt Coleman
Nate Allen
Colt Anderson
Patrick Chung
Alex Henery (Camp invitation)

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