Eagles Add Depth, Weapon, and Starter

Five days into the free agency period and the Eagles are making what appears are all the right moves and continue to follow their new blue print, versatile role players and mid-tier players who fit the scheme.

ImageThey started off by addressing the safety position, a position in dire need for some time. Malcolm Jenkins was drafted 14th overall by New Orleans in the 2009 draft. He has been a leader throughout his football career as evident by being the captain of the Saints defense for two years. Jenkins excels as a cover safety which is something the Eagles need. He possess the ability to cover tight ends as well as line up on slot receivers.

ImageNollanCarrollOther additions include much-needed help on special teams. The Eagles were able to sign Eric Maragos, a safety, Bryan Braman, outside linebacker, and cornerback Nolan Carroll. Both Maragos and Braman are known for their special teams play as the two received selections to the Pro Bowl for special teams. Carroll on the other hand will be given the chance to battle for a starting corner spot. He has the size, 6’1″ 205lbs, and the athleticism to make an impact but he has too many mental laps and his technique needs reforming.

ImageThe biggest named acquisition made so far came via trade. The Eagles acquired running back Darren Sproles from New Orleans in exchange for one of the Eagles fifth round draft picks in the upcoming draft. Sproles may be on the other side of 30 but he offers a lot of versatility. He is an excellent receiver out of the backfield causing miss match problems for the defense. In his three years for New Orleans Sproles averaged 77 catches a season and 660 receiving yards. Now Sproles won’t see the field nearly as much as he did in earlier in his career but he will now be another weapon in the Kelly offense. Sproles also offers the ability to return kicks. The Eagles have struggled finding a good return man hopefully Sproles will be able to solve that problem with his 8.2 yards per return career average on punts and 25.3 on kickoffs. If anything Sproles will be a lethal decoy that defense can’t afford to ignore.


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I am a die hard sports fan. Philly all day every day! I have always had a huge passion for sports and sharing my opinion surrounding our teams.


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