Chances Top Free Agents Sign with 76ers

The Sixers have a ton of cap-room coming into the 2014 offseason, and it is unclear whether they will use it. Here are the top free agents at every position.


1 Eric Bledsoe(PHX) RFA 15%-Sixers likely to make an offer, but Suns will match

2 Kyle Lowry(TOR) UFA 0%-No way with MCW at point.

3 Isaiah Thomas(SAC) RFA 0%-See above.

4 Rodney Stuckey(DET) UFA 25%-Can play SG well, reason he would be signed.

5 Mario Chalmers(MIA) UFA 1%-Possible backup option.

6 Shaun Livingston(BKN) UFA 1%-Possible backup option


1 Dwyane Wade(MIA) Early Termination Option 10%-Unlikely Hinkie would sign veteran with knee problems for a rebuilding team.

2 Lance Stephenson(IND) UFA 70%-All-Star season and only 23 years old. Sixers can offer max, which Pacers can’t afford.

3 Avery Bradley(BOS) RFA 40%-If Stephenson is not signed, would not be surprising to make a run at Bradley, but Celtics would match anything up to a close to or max contract, which Sixers won’t offer.

4 Evan Turner(IND) RFA 0%-Hinkie will not want to bring back Turner.

5 Nick Young(LAL) Player Option 2%-Young says he loves LA and wants to stay there(not sure why he publicly says he is opting out), and could be brought on as a bench player. But Swaggy P thinks he is the best SG in the league.

6 Jodie Meeks(LAL) UFA 10%-Unlikely, but could be a bench player.


1 LeBron James(MIA) ETA 1%-The Sixers, like every other team in the league, will call LeBron, but won’t become anything serious unless Heat fall apart in playoffs and Sixers also sign another star.

2 Carmelo Anthony(NY) ETA 0%-Carmelo Anthony can’t be the best player on a championship team. Unless that team is the Bulls, who could make up for his defense. Sam Hinkie will not want to touch Carmelo.

3 Luol Deng(CLE) UFA 20%-Veteran presence that could thrive on a 76ers team. If he would take a one or two year deal, this could happen. The Sixers could add Deng if they want to make a playoff run.

4 Gordon Hayward(UTAH) RFA 50%- Hayward could get max money, and the Jazz won’t match that. Sixers could be the team to give it to him if they like what they see. 

5 Rudy Gay(SAC) ETA 0%-Gay isn’t turning down 19 million next year.

6 Paul Pierce(BKN) UFA 10%-Sixers would sign him for same reason they would Deng.

PF(Didn’t include Dirk and Duncan for obvious reasons)

1 Chris Bosh(MIA) ETA 35%-Bosh is a sleeper signing the Sixers could make. He might not even need a max contract. Add Bosh to a Sixers team along with two top-ten picks, and that’s a playoff team in the weak East that could get even weaker with Miami losing Bosh in this scenario. 

2 Zach Randolph(MEM) Player 0%-Randolph wants to win. Sixers are rebuilding. No chance.

3 Pau Gasol(LAL) UFA 25%-Sixers could get him on a one year deal, could do it to get veteran leadership. Gasol will likely go to a contending team, but Sixers could be interested if he is.

4 Andray Blatche(BKN) Player 30%-If he opts out, he certainly could talk with the Sixers. He will likely opt out, but would expect him to resign with Brooklyn. Sixers would be interested to have him off the bench.

5 DeJuan Blair(DAL) UFA 45%-Sixers would be interested in Blair off the bench. Blair would likely strongly consider it as he would play a lot more on Philly than Dallas or most other teams next season.


1 Greg Monroe(DET) RFA 80%-I think Monroe is a Sixer next year. I think a sign-and-trade sends Thad Young to Detroit and Monroe to Philly. He would be a great fit with Nerlens Noel. 

2 Marcin Gortat(WSH) UFA 0%-Gortat is a horrible fit with Noel.

3 Spencer Hawes(CLE) UFA 10%-A Hawes reunion is very unlikely, but not out of the question like an Evan Turner reunion. Hawes fits well with Noel, and could be a good backup.

4 Channing Frye(PHX) Player 45%-Fits great with Noel, makes sense but likely to be overpaid.

5 Jordan Hill(LAL) UFA 20%-If Thad Young is traded, this becomes likely. If he’s not, these odds decrease by 19%.





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