Lundqvist: ‘You can’t think too much about this game’


It’s plausible that the New York Rangers might review what went wrong in Game 6’s 5-2 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers. Still, it sounds like it was mostly a “burn the tape” game for Henrik Lundqvist.

With Game 7 coming on Wednesday, Lundqvist reasonably argued that it makes little sense to linger on the negatives from Tuesday, as the Newark Star-Ledger reports.

“I already started thinking about tomorrow,” Lundqvist said about being pulled before the third period of Game 6. “You don’t want to analyze this too much. There were a couple of tough plays. I think I made a bad read on the breakaway, but the other goals are what they are. I think they were a little hungrier.

“You can’t think too much about this game. They did pretty much everything better than us. Even goaltending. We all have to step up and play our…

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