3 weeks after the Trade Deadline War! Tank, Cannon used! No draft pick safe!


KJ, a casualty of war…

He’s methodical and determined! That’s right, it’s Sam Hinkie. Sam continues to show no mercy in his relentless pursuit of every single draft pick to ever exist in the NBA!

It’s true!. Ok, but what was he thinking this past trade deadline? The thing is, maybe, you might not need a fortune teller to read Hinkie’s mind. With the recent trade of MCW and KJ, the Sixers ability to win basketball games has severely plummeted. At the same time it seems to be putting them in a better position to draft a point guard with a better chance at being elite. A point guard with more upside like Mudiay or Russell.

If you’re a 6ers’ fan, doesn’t that seem logical? Here’s a more important question, do you think MCW can be an elite PG? Would he have been the point guard that carries this team through the playoffs to a championship ring? Carter-Williams is 23 years old, has a broken shot and a fragile frame.

As much as it has been fun and it really has, you have to wonder. Sixers management didn’t, they saw enough in Carter-Williams and maybe they even saw someone better that might be available to them in the month of May. So when the Bucks dangled that Lakers’ first round pick like a Oreo in front of the Cookie Monster, Hinkie bit. Now Mudiay or Russell could be wearing 76ers logos on their jerseys next season.

It’s hypotheses and educated guesses, that’s as good as it gets. No one is immune to Sam Hinkie and his Jedi Mind Tricks.

One thing is for certain, there’s a little more to the story regarding Canaan. Dwight Howard was said to have professed his love to Canaan. Canaan rejected him like a blocked shot which is why he’s in Philly at the trade deadline. Howard’s heart broken while Canaan comes to Philly and pulls a Kyle Korver. Love and Basketball, real life, no movie, true story.

A rock and a hard place, that’s where Hinkie was with the McDaniels’ trade. Get what you can for KJ or let him go for nothing because of the money he’s going to command this summer? Oh what’s that, you want a 2nd round pick also to seal the deal Hinkie? Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie..

Breaking News! Sam Hinkie has applied for the General Manager position with the Philadelphia Eagles. Hinkie continues to show no mercy as he begins his voyage to obtain every single draft pick in the NFL! Evidently the NBA can’t quench Sam Hinkie’s undeniable thirst for.. Wait for it.. Wait for it.. MoRe DrAfT PiCkS!!!

Ok, so back to KJ McDaniels and his off the backboard dunks to himself? He would’ve been an amazing 3 & D guy. It’s the right call by Hinkie, the problem is KJ was a diamond in the rough. The team produced a great scouting report which resulted in a great decision to select KJ in the second round. Maybe the scenario wasn’t available where Hinkie could’ve received a better return. It just might be hard to imagine Canaan or that future player that gets drafted in the 2nd round as a much better player than McDaniels.

At least we can see what Jordan McRae’s going to be up to in the D-League. I’m actually serious. I like little stuff like that!

Because though dim now, the future is bright and ripe with opportunity.

Sam Hinkie said that.. Maybe?