Eagles Mock Draft 3.0


With the NFL Draft just one week away the Eagles are piecing together their final draft big board. The Eagles have only six picks in this years boasted heavily talented deep draft class. Since the Eagles pick at 22 in the first round they most likely cannot get their hands on the few premier players at the top. However like I said this draft is considered “the deepest in years” by many NFL scouts and draft experts. Continue reading


DeSean Jackson Update… and Draft Targets


DeSean Jackson Instagramed a picture of He and Chip Kelly saying that he had talked to Chip and apparently the two are on good terms. It’s another twist in the DeSean Jackson saga and it’s probably best if we just wait it out instead of constantly swirling around rumors.

If the Eagles were to rid of DeSean by way of either trade or outright releasing him then they would most certainly need a wide receiver to replace him in the draft.

A couple of names to look for are Brandin Cooks, Odell Beckham Jr., and Donte Moncrief. Cooks best resemble what Jackson now does with his speed and play making ability. Beckham is slightly bigger and can still take the top off the defense but he isn’t as fast as Jackson or Cooks. Moncrief is an interesting one because he has the size, 6’2″ 221lbs, combined with speed and if properly worked with could become a top NFL receiver. You can view their NFL.com profiles by clicking on their names.

Below are the highlights of each player.


However this draft is so deep at wide receiver that they could wait until later rounds, 3-7, to take one. Howie Roseman is on record for saying that “We feel there is a solid receiver available in each round.”

DeSean Jackson Out?



DeSean will not (should not, I hope not) be traded THIS off-season and here is why.

The Eagles right now sit in an envious spot. They have a loaded offense with plenty of cap flexibility and a defense that is improved with the draft yet to come. It simply doesn’t make sense to trade him this year. Jackson is owed a lot of money and many are reporting that this is one of the main driving points in a possible move involving Jackson along with his “attitude”. I believe the Eagles are listening to other teams for offers but unless there is a deal that blows them away for more than the reported 3rd round compensation.

People want to say that the Eagles want to create more cap room to sign Foles, Boykin, Kendricks, Cox, etc. But why not wait until next off-season? There is nothing that suggest the DeSean’s production will decline in this offense this season either. Do you really think that the Eagles can find someone in this draft that will be able to do what Jackson can on the field? Jackson is a rare receiver with his only downside is his size. I think people over analyze the size factor considering the Eagles have Cooper, Ertz, and Celek. DeSean stretches the field, has great hands, runs crisp routes, and has versatility in the offense.

However if he is traded then the Eagles better have a great plan to replace him. Does this mean they target a WR in the first round such as a Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, or Odell Beckham Jr? Beckham would make the most sense early since he runs a 4.43-40 and had a breakout season and would be a legit deep threat but for a much cheaper price than Jackson. Another reason to trade him would be to add more picks in a strong draft class.

Stay tuned, this will be interesting.

Eagles Add Depth, Weapon, and Starter

Five days into the free agency period and the Eagles are making what appears are all the right moves and continue to follow their new blue print, versatile role players and mid-tier players who fit the scheme.

ImageThey started off by addressing the safety position, a position in dire need for some time. Malcolm Jenkins was drafted 14th overall by New Orleans in the 2009 draft. He has been a leader throughout his football career as evident by being the captain of the Saints defense for two years. Jenkins excels as a cover safety which is something the Eagles need. He possess the ability to cover tight ends as well as line up on slot receivers.

ImageNollanCarrollOther additions include much-needed help on special teams. The Eagles were able to sign Eric Maragos, a safety, Bryan Braman, outside linebacker, and cornerback Nolan Carroll. Both Maragos and Braman are known for their special teams play as the two received selections to the Pro Bowl for special teams. Carroll on the other hand will be given the chance to battle for a starting corner spot. He has the size, 6’1″ 205lbs, and the athleticism to make an impact but he has too many mental laps and his technique needs reforming.

ImageThe biggest named acquisition made so far came via trade. The Eagles acquired running back Darren Sproles from New Orleans in exchange for one of the Eagles fifth round draft picks in the upcoming draft. Sproles may be on the other side of 30 but he offers a lot of versatility. He is an excellent receiver out of the backfield causing miss match problems for the defense. In his three years for New Orleans Sproles averaged 77 catches a season and 660 receiving yards. Now Sproles won’t see the field nearly as much as he did in earlier in his career but he will now be another weapon in the Kelly offense. Sproles also offers the ability to return kicks. The Eagles have struggled finding a good return man hopefully Sproles will be able to solve that problem with his 8.2 yards per return career average on punts and 25.3 on kickoffs. If anything Sproles will be a lethal decoy that defense can’t afford to ignore.