What The Rest of The Season Means For The Eagles


This season will come down to the last five games for the Eagles. These last five games will decide whether or not they make the playoffs and what will be even more telling is the quarterback situation.

As of right now the Eagles are a game and a half behind the Cowboys in the win column and the Cowboys own the tie breaker. The upcoming schedule features the Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions, at the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, and at the Dallas Cowboys to end the regular season.

Sunday will be a big game to stay neck and neck with the Boys after Dallas just won on Thanksgiving. The Cardinals have a very good defense that has given the Eagles problems over recent years, culminated with the good play this year from Carson Palmer and we have a legitimate offense to defend. WR Larry Fitzgerald always does well against use and nothing suggest otherwise other than the better play from our defense as the season has gone on.

Eagles win? Yes

The Lions were a one man show a year ago with just Calvin Johnson but the off-season addition of Reggie Bush has given that offense a new dimension. The Lions also just got back Nate Burleson from injury. Ndamukong Suh leads a very good disruptive unit on the D line for the Lions which is something that gives this Eagles offense problems.

Eagles win? No

At a projected 7-6 record they go to Minnesota to take on the Vikings or better known as the “Adrian Peterson’s”. This should be a rather easy win for us if we are able to control the Vikings running game much like we did versus the Redskins where we were able to guess when they were going play action.

Eagles win? Yes

If this game were in Chicago I think this game would be a different story but since it is in Philadelphia I like the Eagles and for other reasons too. One of the big reasons is because I think the Bears have been regressing over the past couple of weeks. Grant it they are without a healthy Jay Cutler but there offensive play calling hasn’t been the best and if they don’t fix it I think the Eagles win in a close one. It will be a grind it out physical game. It will be important not to turn the ball over.

Eagles win? Yes

Okay so the season comes down to the last game against the Cowboys. If the Cowboys post the same record as the Eagles over the same span then this will be much more than a classic rivalry game, a playoff game for the Eagles. I see the Eagles winning this game and it being nothing like the first game these two teams played. Something clearly wasn’t right with Foles for one reason or another. If you look at strength of schedule over the last 5 games the Eagles should be much better prepared headed into this game from a competitive standpoint. The Cowboys have no defense but will have an important player back for them by this time in Sean Lee.

Eagles win? Yes

Final record, 10-6.

From a bigger picture these game will dictate who our QB is next year. Foles will have the job if and only if he goes 3-2 or better from a record stand point but obviously more things will be taken into consideration other than just the teams record. If the Eagles go 8-8 or 9-7 then I still think Foles will be back but there will be another QB competition. Pretty much regardless of what Foles does, unless he goes undefeated, then it is highly likely that the Eagles draft a quarterback somewhere in rounds 1 through 4 but probably after round 2.


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I am a die hard sports fan. Philly all day every day! I have always had a huge passion for sports and sharing my opinion surrounding our teams.


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